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Special offers 2019

We worked hard last winter and it shows!
Four bunk bed cabins were converted into 2 luxury cabins, twice as big with side by side beds, large toilet/shower ensuite and ceiling fans to cool down.
We also developed new tours in Belgium. Maybe not the country you expected, but very beautiful tours. Easy to do, lots to see (Ypres, Dunkerque, Bruges) and visiting three different countries.
For our Paris to Bruges trips we have some cabins left, the Belgium tours are open for last minute booking.

  • Flemish Masters, 1 week from Bruges to Brussels or v.v., departures. July 6  and July 13
  • Paris - Bruges, two week trip, three cabins available for 17 - 31 Aug. (alas no single cabins).
  • West Flanders / Three Countries (Bruges - Ypres - Veurne - Nieuwpoort- Bruges), 1 week trip; departures Sept. 28 and Oct. 5.

Per week

Luxury cabins  € 1095 per person (double occupancy)
Low beds cabins € 895 per person (double occupancy) 
Single travelers  € 995 per person (bunk bed cabin single use)
Budget travelers € 795 (double occupancy bunk bed cabin) 

Paris - Bruges (two weeks)
Luxury cabins  € 2160 per person (double occupancy)
Low beds cabins € 1950 per person (double occupancy) 
Budget travelers € 1550 per person (double occupancy bunk bed cabin)