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Flemish Masters, Bruges - Antwerp - Brussels (or v.v.)

Flemish Masters

This one week tour leads from Bruges via Ghent, Antwerp and the historical town Mechelen to Brussels. In Ghent you will visit the "Mystic Lamb" in the St. Baafs cathedral, painted by the brothers Van Eijck. After Ghent there is a bike ride along the river Scheldt to Antwerp. There you will have a stopover of two nights to give you the opportunity to visit several different museums and historical places:  

  • The house of Peter Paul Rubens, the absolute master of Flemish painting.
  • Five monumental churches, within walking distance of each other. The Cathedral of Our Lady, St. Andrew’s Church, St. Charles Borromeo’s Church, St. James’s Church and St. Paul’s Church.
  • The "MAS", museum on the bank of the river Scheldt.
  • Visit of the Coogels-Osy-Lei, a neighborhood with many houses in Art-Deco, Art-Nouveau and Jugendstil.

From Antwerp you will bike again through Belgian's along the rivers Scheldt and Dijle and small-scall farmland to the historical city of Mechelen, with its baroque and gothic churches, ancient market square and buildings that represent the different historical episodes of Mechelen.

From Mechelen we will go to Brussels. Not only the contemporary center of political power, but also in the 16th century when Charles V reigned over the Habsburg empire and had one of his main residences in Brussels. If you have historical appetite there are plenty of possibilities to visit churches which date back to as early as the 11th and 12th century.