Mps Feniks - Postbus 18 - 1000 AA - Amsterdam - Tel. +31 6 5314 7553 -


Feniks Charter
Postbus 18
1000 AA Amsterdam
the Netherlands

Tel. +31(0)6 5314 7553 

For all your questions and suggestions about the Feniks and the offered holidays, please contact Marius  by using the form below. As well you can subscribe to the Feniks newsletter and we will keep you informed about our activities. Your personal information shall never be shared with any other person or organisation or used for other purposes than informing you about Feniks Charter activities. We send the Feniks Charter Newsletters through MailChimp, which works under the regulations to protect your personal information according to the GDPR.

Please notice that when we are sailing in Belgium or France it might take us a few days to get back to you, since we have a limited access to internet away from Holland. No worries, we will always answer your emails.